Yeo Valley HQ

Blagdon – a hidden jewel in the crown of Somerset. Turn the corner of a narrow lane and, as if by magic, the countryside drops away, revealing the most impressive views of the county. It’s here, shrouded by trees, that you’ll find the HQ of Yeo Valley (of ‘big up your chest, represent the West’, rapping farmer TV ad fame). From the moment you arrive, it’s hard not to be impressed by the pure style of the surroundings: old wine bottles and colanders have been fashioned into artistic light fittings (see Indoor craft), a medley of mis-matched but somehow matched furniture has been sourced from ebay, and secondhand hats cleverly displayed as wall art.


But, perhaps what’s most exciting, are the organic gardens, a little further down the road. Here, for a nominal fee, you can blissfully wander to your hearts content through well-tended vegetable patches, corridors of billowing rushes, butter-yellow wild flowers and English country borders, before relaxing in the on-site café (with a similar décor as mentioned above) for homemade scones, jam and a dollop of cream, fresh from the dairy. Delish!



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