Mother’s Day vintage planter


It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday and what better way to show how much you care than with flowers. I recently spoke to Claire Brown of Plant Passion for a monthly column I write, and she told me how to make my own vintage planter – here’s my attempt pictured above. The dish was £1 from a local antique shop and the bulbs not much more from the nearby garden centre. The thought, though, priceless.

Make your own… choose bulbs such as primroses, hyacinths or miniature daffodils, which are dainty enough to fit within your chosen tea cup or dish. Carefully drill a small hole in the base of your vessel, using a ceramic tile bit, to create drainage. Add a thin layer of sharp grit in the bottom before filling the container with compost, ensuring there is plenty underneath and around the edge of the bulb as you are potting. Water lightly once you are done.


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