Get set for Easter

tissue pom pom

Why should decorating the house be confined to the Christmas season? For me, Easter is as much of a celebration and excuse to get crafting. Painted eggs hung from branches and displayed in an oversize vase, tissue pom pom garlands draped across windows, and miniature bunting, in fresh pastel colours, on top of pictures – there’s a project to suit every time frame. Crafting expert Jane Means feels the same; here are some of her favourite projects to get your home ready for Easter.

Make a focal point. Swap a jug of flowers on your table this Easter Sunday for a wreath laid flat in the centre. Use a simple willow ring, and decorate it with raffia and painted quails’ eggs. You could even (carefully) place a candle in the middle. Alternatively, a favourite bowl filled with different coloured chicken eggs, on a bed of straw, is equally unique and eye-catching.

Bring the outside, in. Create an Easter tree by placing branches in a large vase or bucket filled with sand, and decorating with ribbon and egg-shaped baubles. You can blow your own or buy ready-made alternatives. When eating, tie your napkins with raffia and tuck a spring of rosemary or a freshly picked flower inside the bow.

Give homemade gifts. Instead of buying chocolate eggs for friends and family, this year, wrap pots of primroses with small panels of hessian or fabric, and securing with ribbon. The flower can then be planted out and enjoyed year after year.

Go miniature. Use up fabric and ribbon remnants to make small-scale bunting for hanging on picture frames, or even gluing to paper for homemade Easter cards. Use double-sided sticky tape to secure your fabric to ribbon, or sew a line of running stitch along the join.

Have fun with pom poms. It’s amazing what you can do with a few sheets of tissue paper, some sharp scissors and a little craft wire. Follow Jane’s step-by-step guide.


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