Playful pinwheels


I usually cover my noticeboards before I use them but, not having had the time to touch this one, I wanted a quick and easy way to make it less dull. The answer – pretty paper pinwheels using scraps of wallpaper and giftwrap. With just a little cutting and folding, and no more than five minutes, a standard office pin board is transformed into a focal point worth looking at. Now to find a way to prettify my to-do lists!

You will need

Scraps of patterned paper, cut into squares

Drawing pins

1. Fold your square in half, to form a triangle. Open out, then repeat in the opposite direction.

2. Make a small pencil mark one third of the way out from the centre, towards each corner, and cut along the fold to this point.

3. Make a small hole in every other corner then fold these points in on themselves towards the centre point, and fasten with the drawing pin.

4. Display on a cork notice board. You could also attach these to sturdy straws with a split pin – display in jam jars when entertaining outside and enjoy as they catch in the breeze. You could also attach to presents for added wow-factor.


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