Ranscombe Bottom

20150728_121541 (1)

Although I love to walk the same paths on a daily basis, seeing how the surroundings change with the seasons, every now and then it’s fun to discover a new route, too. So today, with the recent showers on pause and the sun making a welcome break through, Otto and I decided to venture to Calstone Wellington, a little village in the shadow of the 125-foot Cherhill Monument, and at the edge of Ranscombe Bottom and the Calstone Coombes, chalk downland rich in wildflowers and rare butterflies. From South Farm, we followed a declining path, through a small woodland, before climbing back upwards toward open fields with the monument on the skyline. Our route didn’t take us to the summit – that’s for another day – but instead through Ranscombe Bottom to the White Horse Trail where we continued south towards a Roman Road that would complete our circular route. With barely a house or road visible from the far-reaching views, and only a herd of jet black cows for company, this is Wiltshire at its best – secluded, quiet, and a step back in time. Visit The National Trust for downloadable routes around this area.


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