Can you keep a secret?

Two of my favourite things: walled gardens and secret green spaces. Yet, despite their proximity to my home, today marked my first visit to The Walled Gardens at Mells in Somerset.

The weather may have been a little grey but that didn’t dampen my spirits as I walked through the inviting gate and entered what felt like a secluded haven. Borders of fragrant herbs and British flowers, burgeoning apple trees, outdoor sculptures, and hay bales and handcrafted wooden benches all vied for my attention, providing shaded pathways, cosy corners and natural seating areas to wander, ponder and relax in. With a slight drizzle in air, the first thing to catch my eye was in fact a tempting looking greenhouse where I could see baskets brimming with second-hand vintage delights beneath a brightly coloured textile awning. It provided the perfect retreat from the rain and, when I emerged, almost an hour later, arms laden with my bargain buys, the sun had appeared and I was able to enjoy the gardens at my leisure, the only sound that of the end-of-season bees as they gathered last-minute pollen supplies ahead of winter. I finished my visit with a glass of ginger beer and slab of banana and walnut cake from the café, the view of the dovecot and bordering countryside a perfect backdrop.





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