Feasts and forage

I love autumn – the air becomes cool and crisp, trees becomes a kaleidoscope of colours, sunlight takes on a sepia hue, and the hedgerows are abundant with natural forage. So yesterday I pulled on my boots and headed out to see what I could find with my eyes particularly open for elderberries to make a vitamin-rich syrup to enjoy as the nights draw in – and I wasn’t disappointed.


Elderberry syrup
Place 1kg berries, stripped from the stalks, in a pan.
Pour over enough water to cover and simmer until the fruit is soft.
Strain the liquid through a sieve, pressing out as much juice as possible.
Add 450g (or less, if you like a more bitter taste) organic golden caster sugar and ten cloves per pint, and heat gently until the ingredients are combined.
Leave to cool then funnel into sterilised glass bottles.


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