Make a button heart

Button heart

I’m a bit of a romantic so, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share with you this lovely gift that a friend gave me recently. A button heart garland. It’s such an unusual decoration and one with a definite wow factor. It got me thinking, what a great way to store all those spare buttons kept in jam jars in my craft box – simply fashion a heart-shaped wreath from an old coat hanger (or a circular one, if you prefer), and attach clusters of second-hand and vintage buttons using fine jewellery wire, thread or twine. Voila – not only can you instantly see what buttons you have in your collection, but you can brighten up a blank wall at the same time.

Why not try storing other crafty items in a similar way and make a feature of them? Reels of colourful ribbon can be threaded onto a circular hoop to make another attractive garland, while wicker baskets filled with favourite fabrics or balls of yarn create a focal point in the corner of a room. Let’s all bring out and celebrate our crafting materials this Valentine’s Day!


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