Bromham Heritage Trail


I love mills – windmills, watermills, it doesn’t matter. Might be partly to do with having an engineer for a husband. So, if I’m out and about, and see a sign for one, I have to take a detour. That’s how I came to discover Bromham Mill in Bedfordshire, and the Bromham Heritage Trail. The best place to start the trail is at the Mill – there’s parking, toilets and a wonderful cafe with the most remarkable setting. From here, you can choose from two-mile, three-mile or five-and-a-half-mile loops that take in sights such as the 12th-century St Owen’s Church, River Stag and Bromham Park. Back inside the 17th-century mill, you can then enjoy home-made refreshments in a historic setting (try the savoury tarts). Try to grab a table where the mill crosses the river – the views upstream are incredible or, behind, you can admire the workings of the remaining iron wheel that dates from 1908 and still operates occasionally to mill flour on site.


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