High tops and hangings in Inkpen


Inkpen in West Berkshire – a delightful place to visit, not just for its name, the award-nominated (and sure to win) Crown & Garter restaurant/pub with rooms but also the wealth of surrounding footpaths and impressive views. When I visited, I headed upwards from the Crown & Garter (always good to start somewhere you can return to for guaranteed-good refreshment!). Going via Walbury Hill, the highest point in SE England, I aimed for Combe Gibbet, erected in 1676 for the hanging of George Broomham and Dorothy Newman, who were having an affair and killed Broomham’s wife Martha and son Robert, as a result. Not the nicest of stories, but the replica gallows is pretty impressive – it was designed to deter others from committing crimes – as is the outlook from the top. If anyone knows how many counties you can see from up there, let me know! Head back via St Michael’s in Inkpen, a slight, but worthy, detour. Download walks in Inkpen.


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