Three ways with…jam jars

Got unused jam jars ready for recycling? Before you throw them out, why not try one of the below makes and give them a second life, in your home.


I recently came across these wonderful jam jar vases in the Belle & Blossom Floral Design shop in the New Forest and loved them for their simplicity. I have a blank wall in my living room and an abundance of sweet peas in the garden so I may well have to create a similar display there – a wonderful way to showcase the passing seasons and bring the outdoors, in. Simply wrap a length of wire around the neck of the jam jar, bind tightly then create a hanging loop at the other end.


When I worked at Country Living, their favourite crafter Sarah Moore created these for a summer shoot. A great way of serving up summer cocktails – especially on a picnic. Simply drill a hole in the lid of your jar to allow a straw to pass through. Take undrilled lids, too, and, if there’s any liquid leftover, you can transport it home mess-free. (Photograph by Alun Callender)


Use Mod Podge or PVA glue to attach lace, twine or even leaf skeletons to jam jars to stunning effect when illuminated by a simple tea light candle. Turns an bare shelf, mantel or fire place into an art-worthy focal point. I once made personalised ones to give to work colleagues for Christmas, in place of a standard greetings card. These are some of the designs created on the Anna Boo’s House blog.


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