Westbury White Horse


Growing up in the West Country, I became almost blase to the impressive form of this chalk horse on the horizon. But it was only recently, when I relocated to Wiltshire, that I realised it was one of many – 24, in fact; 13, of which, are in this county (note only around eight are still visible). There’s something quite special about these shapes, dramatically carved into the hillside. This one commands some of the most staggering views and is believed to have been created in the 16th century to celebrate¬†the Battle of Ethandun (making it the oldest in Wiltshire). The walks around the hills’ summits are filled with history and interest, including an original Iron Age Hillfort and, in season, the rare Adonis Blue butterfly. An English Heritage site, there is designated parking, and, from here, thanks to the openness of The Plain, you can pretty much create your own unique walking route and adventure. Not sure where to start? Try this route, which covers the Horse, Hillfort and nearby Imber Range Path.


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