Bannockburn and beyond


Friends of mine have recently relocated to the historic settlement of Stirling, site of one of Scotland’s largest castles and where, nearby, Robert the Bruce defeated the English in 1314, despite being outnumbered almost three to one. It was only right to pay the spot in question a visit and explore the stunning Scottish surroundings right on the doorstep.

From the visitor centre (which is well worth a visit, having been recently refurbished and upgraded), you can step straight out into countryside. Walk towards the village of Chartershall, then cross a stone-built bridge and follow signs towards the Whins of Milton and Colliers Way. You will pass Milton Mill and the Bannock Burn, itself, before heading uphill on Coal Wynd towards Milton. Pause to catch breath and admire views of the castle and Wallace Monument, as well as the mountains beyond. This route will eventually bring you back to Colliers Way, from where you can retrace your steps to the visitor centre for a well-deserved cup of tea or haggis lunch.

Download detailed walking instructions, here.


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